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Major Objective is to introduce multinational oil companies products through our consultants with out having their offices/ Manpower and economize their expenses and work on their behalf to develop their businesses & offer the following consultancy :
Consultancy in Exploration, Drilling and Well completion under International Lease Agreement on Percentage Basis
Petroleum Services Consultancy for Preparing of Drilling, Completion and Work-over Programs
Multi National Petroleum companies Product (Chemical & Equipment) Promotion and Sales.
Consultancy in Oil Production Optimization & EOR Solutions
Consultancy in water Shut-off Practices
Consultancy in Pressure Maintenance Project – Water Flooding( Peripheral & In fill) Waste Water handling and disposal techniques
Consultancy in Steam Injection Techniques, Pilot Project and large Scale Project
Technical Manpower Employment Bureau
ESP ,Sucker Rod & PCP Pumps( Single & Dual Installation) Sales, Contracts, designing and application
Consultancy in Nitrified Deep Penetrating Acid Technology for tight formation and Production Optimization Techniques
Consultancy in Horizontal Side track , Single Lateral, Dual Lateral Completion
Consultancy in Fish Bone Completion

Company Consultant:

Senior Petroleum Specialist
Geophysics Specialist
Geology Specialist
Drilling & Completion Specialist
Director logistics
Director Admin/ Finance and Recruitment
Director ESP, Sucker Rod pump, PCP Sales and Contracts
Director Chemical Sales
Director Sales for Bits, X-mass tree , Well heads, Down hole completion Equipment &Tubular / Pipes

Oil Equipment sales & promotion:

Drilling Bits Sales Coordinator
X-mass Tree & Well head Sales promoters
Tubular / Pipes Sales promoters
TK- 236 Coating / Poly ethylene & internal coating sales promoters
Plug valves , Gate vales , surface pipes sales and promoters
ESP/ Sucker Rod & PCP Sales and promoters
Down hole completion equipment sales promoters
Promoting multinational Oil Companies products and chemicals
Casing Patches
Application of Flexible Casing
Chemicals Sales and Promotion:

Corrosion Inhibitor ( For oil and Water)
Scale Inhibitor

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